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About us

Our approach


  • When designing web sites we remember the golden rule: "99.9% of time users spent NOT on your site. If the user cannot easily accomplish his goals on your site, he leaves."
  • We spend a great deal of site development time on market analysis, development of easy-to-use site layout and navigation, and usability testing of applied solutions.
  • Most of design studios don't do this work since it is invisible to client and it is hard to charge for it.
  • But when your site loses visitors, your business loses money.
  • We build custom solutions that work the best for your business.

Web standards compliant.

  • We are proud to build all our projects standards compliant.
  • We understand that standards compliance is not just successful validation of the code. Web standards were created to force the developers use more meaningful semantic markup with content separated from presentation.
  • The main benefits of using them are:
    • faster loading pages and less server traffic,
    • easier support and update,
    • accessibility to any platform, audience or media,
    • search-engines friendly content.
  • Coding with web standards requires more knowledge and experience and this prevents other studios from using them.
  • In fact, it does not set any limitations for visual design and is faster than old-school techniques.

Read more about benefits of using web standards.


  • The first impression about your company is made by visual look and feel and we work hard to make visual design of your site appealing, professional and sticking to memory.
  • In our process graphic design is applied to a site layout already developed on a user-analysis step. In this way content and desired user action determines the visual design, not the way round.

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We've passed through all the hurdles of owning a small business and now want to offer our clients affordable rates for professional services.

We prefer to do a complex job and be proud of it rather than do it in a slipshod way and get money fast.

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