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High-end web design accessible to small business owners.


Despite offering design quality comparable to high-cost corporate solutions, our rates are still affordable even for small business owners.

  • We charge per project, not per hour and we don't have any hidden fees.
  • We tell the price after discussing all the details with the client. Please, use the form below to get a quotation.
You can get an idea of what price you can expect from this table, based on average price of our previous works.
  • Basic package $1000
    Included services:
    • Market analysis
    • Information architecture
    • Visual design
    • Web standards based coding (XHTML+CSS)
    • Basic search engines optimization (SEO)
    • Usability tests
  • Logo design $200
  • Server-side programming, databases, e-commerce
    • Shopping cart $600
    • Content management system $500
    • Custom solutions $100-$1000
  • Integration of 3rd party solutions into your design
    • Forum $75
    • Blog $75
    • PayPal payments $200
    • Site search $100
  • Accompanying services
    • Hosting (unlimited space, bandwidth and domains, PHP, MySQL) Banner, 88x31px 3-5$/month
    • Domain name registration $10/year
    • Advanced SEO $200
    • Print design (brochures, depliants, etc.) from $200
    • Windows icons design $100
    • E-mail design $75

Services of comparable quality would cost much more at any other design agency - information architecture, usability, standards compliant coding, SEO are usually charged separately, if done at all.

We include these services in all projects, since we believe that a successfull website cannot be built without them, and we want only good projects in our portfolio.

But we still keep a fare price that any small business can afford, and we can do it thanks to outsourcing part of the work to Eastern Europe countries.

What should you know before ordering web design services

If you are not a web design professional, you are not supposed to know all the technical details involved in the process. You need to spend a lot of time getting familiar with the domain to decide what technology and functionality you need and what you can afford.

We propose you an article which compiles all important information in one place and gives you clear and easy-to-follow advices, based on our own experience.

Read the advices

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